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Walt Booth, an RHS Ambassador from Illinois Bank & Trust, entertains young PICU patients each year dressed as Dr. Lollipop, during a Halloween party every year dressed as Dr. Lollipop.
Rockford Memorial Hospital: Saving Young Lives in the PICU

When we think of neonatal intensive care units, we think of Rockford Memorial Hospital. But did you also know that the Children’s Medical Center is one of just 10 state-certified pediatric intensive care units in the state?

Geriatric Medicine: Getting Old Isn’t for Sissies

There’s plenty we can do to help our bodies feel their best at any age. Here are a few helpful hints from our area physicians.

Drs. Michael Roh, Fred Sweet and Christopher Sliva enjoy a thriving practice at 2902 McFarland Road in Rockford.
Rockford Spine Center Surgeons Advance Their Specialty

Impressive medical advances are happening right in our region, thanks to this group of forward-thinking physicians. Meet the trio who are pushing new possibilities in spine surgery.

Birth: The Enduring Miracle of Life

Successfully delivering a newborn takes a lot of patience and care. Meet some of the passionate health professionals who share the excitement of birth with new mothers and fathers.

Leo Lin works in a lab at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford.
College of Medicine Teaches for Today, Tomorrow

Rockford’s medical school is far more than a place where future doctors prepare for their careers. It’s also an impressive center of excellence for cutting-edge research. See inside this unique program.