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The new Beloit Cancer Center team includes, from left: Dr. Peter Mahler, radiation oncologist; Dr. Neel Karne, surgeon; Dr. Shelly Johnsen, palliative care specialist; Dr. Walter Vogel, medical oncologist; Sharon Cox, RN, director of oncology.
Inside Beloit Health System’s New Cancer Center

Combining resources under one roof, this new complex features state-of-the-art technology and amenities to ease the pain and discomfort that come along with cancer treatment. Discover how this unique place is answering the call.

Orthopedic Medicine: Relief from Pain for Active Bodies

Long-lasting pain and stiffness don’t have to be an everyday frustration, thanks to new advances in orthopedic medicine. Learn about the latest technques that are helping busy bodies get back to work faster.

Dr. Jack Lenox, Lenox Healthcare for Women, recommends that women who are contemplating pregnancy undergo a pre-conceptual evaluation. (Christin Dunmire photos)
Infertility Treatments: Making Little Miracles

Creating a baby and bringing it safely into the world is no easy task. Learn about the latest techniques physicians are using to make happy parents and beautiful babies.

Officials cut the ribbon for the new SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center. Pictured left to right: SwedishAmerican Medical Oncologist Dr. Harvey Einhorn; SwedishAmerican Health System President and CEO Dr. Bill Gorski; SwedishAmerican Health System Immediate Past Chairman Bill Roop; UW School of Medicine and Public Health Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs Dr. Jeffrey Grossman; SwedishAmerican Health System Chairman Dan Loescher; SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center Director Diane Scoville; SwedishAmerican Health System Chief Operating Officer Richard Walsh; SwedishAmerican Health System Property and Construction Director Glenn Evans; University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics President and CEO Donna Katen-Bahensky; and SwedishAmerican Health System Radiation Oncology Manager Kathy Stukenberg. (Christin Dunmire photo)
The New SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center

Familiar, comfortable, and relaxing treatment centers are just the beginning of this revolutionary new medical center in Rockford. Step inside and see the new face of medical excellence.

Dr. Pierre Charles performs surgery on a cancer patient at Beloit Hospital.
The Fresh Face of Cancer Treatment

The realities of a cancer diagnosis are still present, but treatment options are advancing rapidly. Learn some of the incredible new technologies and methods that make cancer treatment safer than ever before.