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Heart Disease: What Are Your Risks?

Heart disease kills nearly one in three Americans, but many of its causes are easily preventable. Learn how some simple habits can make a big difference.

Rehabilitative therapy, similar to what this pup’s receiving, is just one service of Companion Animal Specialty & Emergency Hospital, in Crystal Lake. The animal hospital also provides 24-hour emergency care and specialty services.
CASE Hospital: A Regional Center for Specialty Pet Care

Reliable emergency and specialty care for man’s best friends isn’t far away. Discover how this suburban specialist has grown a practice that draws patients from a wide part of our region.

Just Breathe: Advancing New Treatments for Lung Disease

With tens of millions of Americans suffering from cancer and other diseases to our airways, it’s essential to be aware of the causes and methods of prevention through common-sense lifestyle choices.

Medical Excellence: A Strong Focus on Eye Care

Long established in Rockford, Northern Illinois Optical and Miller Eye Center provide patients of every age and need with innovative, highly advanced medical and surgical services.

Dr. Susan Fowell, of Northern Illinois Retina, in Rockford, specializes in care and surgery for those affected by retina and macula-related conditions.
Treating Macular Degeneration: Early Detection Can Preserve Sight

Northern Illinois Retina is a community leader in treating patients with macula- and retina-related eye conditions. Learn some of the signals that often indicate degeneration.