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One of our favorite things about autumn: farmers markets
7 Ways to Celebrate Autumn

We offer some of our favorite ways to savor the simple joys of the harvest season, from cooking up fresh garden produce to adding fall panache to your home.

Julie Martin has reported in the midst of some intense storms and their aftermath. She’s seen flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes, and she’s told the heart-breaking stories of those affected by these disasters. (Photos provided)
Julie Martin, Storm Chaser

She laughs in the face of danger – or at least tries not to think about it, as she reports from the sites of hurricanes, floods and other severe weather events. It’s all in a day’s work for this Rockford-area native.

Fields of Stone: What Cemeteries Teach Us

Ghost stories and goblins aside, cemeteries are a goldmine for history lovers who enjoy piecing together puzzles of the past. Jon McGinty leads you on a trek through several, profiling the most interesting inhabitants.

The quiet, serene Sugar River. (David C. Olson photo)
The Life-Sustaining Sugar River

Several factors combine to make the Sugar River an extraordinary sustainer of life to a staggering variety of creatures – including many weary migratory visitors. Learn what makes this river special, what threatens it, and who’s protecting it.

Stronghold Castle, lit up at sunset.
Stronghold Castle: An Orphan’s Tribute to Family

In 1929, Chicago newspaper magnate Walter Strong built a castle that inspired the imagination of his family for the next 30-plus years. Today, it remains a bastion of renewal and personal growth that’s enjoyed by more than 12,000 people annually.