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Quality of life – in jobs, recreation, entertainment, growth management, historic preservation, economy: The citizens and leaders of Beloit, Wis., are proud of their city and share a unified vision of its future. That community spirit is exemplified in this photo, a recreation of the George Seurat painting “Saturday in the Park with Friends,” originally created by The Friends of Riverfront to promote a weekly event in the park. It has since become a kind of hallmark for the community.
Beloit: A Community With Focus

Surrounding cities can learn a lot from the can-do spirit and collective positive attitude of a once down-and-out community that’s pulling itself up. Paul Anthony Arco walks us through the highlights of Beloit’s successful community plan.

A prime view of the Prairie Street Brewhouse and Marina along the Rock River lit up at night. (photo by C. Tyson Photography)
Big Things Brewing on the Riverfront

Over the years, it’s sheltered craft brewers, shady characters, local and federal authorities, entrepreneurs and artists. What’s ahead for this revitalized downtown landmark? Jim Killam tells the story behind the Prairie Street Brewhouse.

Fred Speer, during his radio reporting days. (Photo courtesy WROK radio)
Fred Speer: More Than Just Talk

For more than 40 years, listeners of WROK radio counted on Fred Speer to bring them the latest news. Paul Anthony Arco catches up with Speer to see what he’s up to today, and how he landed in the business in the first place.

John O’Halloran of DeKalb plans to join the coast-to coast tour driving his 1948 Commodore Hudson. (Louise Brass photo)
The Historic Lincoln Highway

This coast-to-coast byway still showcases lovely America in a way that I-80 and I-90 just can’t do. Louise Brass explains why it means so much to so many locals, and how its 100th anniversary is being celebrated this summer.

(Jacopo Werther photo)
Pollinators: The Forgotten Providers

From bees to hummingbirds, pollinators are an essential strand in the web of life. Many are in trouble today, due in part to human activity. Jon McGinty looks at the way they impact our lives and offers tips on helping them to survive.