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The Currier & Ives lithograph above illustrates the evacuation fire lit by Confederate forces as they fled Richmond, Va., over the James River on April 2, 1865.
1865: The War’s Last Year

It’s been 150 years since the bloodiest war on American soil came to an end, with the final battle staged at Appomattox. Learn how the Civil War wound down and how folks in Galena are celebrating this important milestone.

The snowy owl has keen hearing and even keener eyesight, skimming silently along the ground in order to surprise its prey. This owl has been attracted by a sound or movement and is banking toward it. The feathers of the left wingtip are actually brushing the top of the snow.
Snowy owls have a wingspan up to 6 feet wide and can fly at speeds of 50 mph.
Arrival of the Owls

Last winter, while birders around our region marveled at the appearance of snowy owls, one photographer braved the cold to capture the action.

Starved Rock Lodge, Utica, Ill.
10 Places to Play This Winter

With so many events and destinations to explore this winter, we don’t see any excuse for cabin fever. Explore some of our region’s best reasons to leave the house and enjoy the outdoors.

Dunn in conversation with Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin.
Mike Dunn, The Dealmaker

He’s blunt and a little abrasive, but the’s also darned effective at making deals that are good for the Rockford region. Meet “The Dealmaker,” who is presently engaged with leading Rockford’s airport to greater heights.

The Grand Barton organ at Coronado Theatre was painted white and gold in the 1960s, but was carefully restored around 2000 during renovations to the theater. The colorful dragon vents on either side of the stage disguise the organ’s inner workings, which include some 1,181 pipes.
Pipe Organs: ‘The King of Instruments’

It’s not the sexiest musical instrument, but when it lets loose at high volume, a pipe organ can drown out the largest orchestra or the most raucous of rock bands. Learn how this king of instruments works and why it’s endured.