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Left: A young artist shows off her colorful drawings. Right: Students in the Whack Attack class use tuned tubes to perform a song for parents.
Woodlawn Arts Academy: Where Artists Go to Grow and Create

While schools are cutting back their arts programs, this Sterling-based academy is revving up. Discover how this unique location fosters artists of every age, and why this creative outlet is so important for families.

The Hunts, a nine-member family band, brings a unique combination of Celtic, country, rock and original compositions to the Historic Dixon Theatre in Dixon, Ill., on Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.
Events at a Glance: Arts & Entertainment Calendar

There’s so much to do in our neck of the Old Northwest Territory! Here are some fun events coming up this season.

Handmade sculptures available at Steel Heart Ltd.
Innovation Blooms at Steel Heart Ltd.

Meet a couple who stumbled onto a crafty new business, and find out how their work is international in scope.

Turning Fall, by Barbara Berney
NLI’s ‘Seasons on the Land’ Celebrates Nature, Art

Celebrate our area’s rich wildlife at this special benefit for the Natural Land Institute. Discover how you can submit art or join in the fun.

Author Janet Post based her first published novel, Cotton Rock, on the people and region of the Missouri Ozarks, where she spent childhood summers visiting relatives. The ghosted image on the cover, is Janet with her grandmother during one of those visits. (Karla Nagy photo)
Janet Smith Post Conjures Cotton Rock, Fulfills Goal

This 71-year-old Galena-area writer is celebrating her first novel, based on her family. Discover how her Ozarks childhood influenced this book and her long career.