Articles by Lindsey Gapen Lukas
Women’s Health: Knowing Your Diagnosis is Important

Learn how our region’s hospitals are helping women and their families achieve a better quality of life.

The Talented Emily Bear: Dancin’ into the World of Pop Music

Emily Bear’s first EP of pop music, entitled Emotions, is now available. Learn how the Rockford native reached this impressive milestone, and what lies ahead for her.

A New Irish Pub in Rockford’s Midtown District

Discover this 21-and-over pub featuring American and Irish dishes and an extensive alcohol selection.

CEO/President Profile: Paula Carynski, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Paula Carynski has attained success by raising her hand, confiding in mentors and practicing empathy. Step into her journey from living a modest life in a small town to serving others as the President/CEO of a major Rockford health care provider.

Magician Tristan Crist Appears in New Location

Whether it’s a card trick or grand illusion, Tristan Crist knows how to transfix an audience. Learn how this magician and entrepreneur went from being a prodigious child to a successful tourist attraction.