Articles by Janine Pumilia
Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces

The possibilities are endless when you’re planning improvements to your outdoor landscape. Learn from a few local experts how a few simple changes can have an exceptional impact on your yard.

How to Make a Dream (Kitchen) Come True

A good remodel improves your kitchen’s functionality and provides great relief from an outdated style. We caught up with two local experts who share their insights into the process of kitchen remodeling and the latest trends.

Meet Some Beautiful New Plants

Step inside the greenhouses of K&W Greenery, in Janesville, and explore the many new plant varieties sprouting up this season. Who knows? Maybe you’ll add a few to your garden this summer.

Loves Park Rotary Celebrates 50 Years

Ordiary people, working together, can produce extraordinary results – as the Loves Park Rotary Club has been proving for half a century. Discover what makes this dedicated group of community servants special.

Janine’s Journal: Flower Power is What the World Needs

What the world needs now, more than ever, is some beautiful foliage to remind us of the good things in life, and to give us some much-needed relief from all of the meanness around us.