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Know Your Neighbors: Shamika Williams is ‘A Real Blessing’

This mom and mentor is on a mission to help teenage girls overcome poverty and personal struggle. Learn about her own obstacles and how they led her to prepare local, at-risk girls for success in life.

Kelley Williamson Co. Expands into Downtown Rockford

A new Mobil/Kelley’s Market location has arrived, and with it comes a new service to a growing market. But unlike other growth stories, this market isn’t at the edge of urban sprawl.

Artale & Co.: 10 Years of Growing and Giving Back

Despite its time during a rocky period in the nation’s history, this family-owned company has persevered to become a flourishing local staple one decade later.

EcoHome Expert Inc.: Brothers Commit to Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-friendliness is a major component of this Belvidere-based business, as it finds ways to help homeowners “go green” while also saving some serious green.

Meet Award-Winning Poet Christine Swanberg

Even though she didn’t like poetry in her younger years, Rockford-native Christine Swanberg developed a passion for the craft later in life. Step into her journey from novice to award-winning poet.