Articles by Northwest Quarterly - 4
Manufacturing Profiles: The Pathway to Our Prosperity

Uncover some of the ways the Rockford region’s manufacturing powerhouses are keeping up with rising demand, building a highly skilled workforce, feeding the jobs pipeline and investing in the community – all while serving clients the world over.

Northwest Landscapes, Winter Edition

Check out these amazing images captured by our local photographers.

Burpee Museum’s New App Explores Natural History

Now, there’s a way to learn about natural history without even stepping foot inside Rockford’s Burpee Museum.

Northwest Quiz: It’s Time to Think Spring!

Snow may be falling, but it’s never too early to brush up on our plant knowledge!

Rockford University Debuts New Musical

It’s rare for college students to debut a Broadway-league musical, and yet it’s happening, right here in Rockford. Learn how this opportunity arose for Rockford University students.