Articles by Northwest Quarterly
Friends of the Coronado: Helping RPS Students Reach for the Stars

The “Reach for the Stars Project” brings every fourth-grade student in the Rockford Public Schools system to one performance a year at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. Discover the impact of this project on Rockford’s youth.

Northwest Landscapes, Winter Edition

Check out these amazing images captured by our local photographers.

Retirement Planning: Working with a Total Return Approach

Are your retirement assets arranged in a way that will allow you to live the lifestyle you desire? David Cyrs, of Cyrs Wealth Advisors, explains one technique to keep your assets working for you.

Restaurant Profile: Creative Cuisine at Baci’s Kitchen

A relative newcomer on Rockford’s dining scene, this cozy and contemporary spot is gaining attention for its inspired cuisine and its owner’s deep attention to detail.

Northwest Quiz: Cheese Proud

Wisconsin is “cheese proud” for good reason: it produces 2.5 billion pounds of cheese each year in 600 varieties. See how much you know about this Wisconsin favorite.