2020 Annual Healthcare Guide

The Region’s Most Comprehensive Guide to Living a Healthier Life

Especially during a pandemic, your health is top of mind, and there’s a good chance you’re thinking not only of how to stay healthy but what to do when you need the expertise of a medical professional.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us all of the importance health care plays in our lives. But in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, this pandemic has also brought to light the comprehensive array of health care services available to local residents. Indeed, our medical centers are leaders when it comes to providing first-rate care through state-of-the-art practices and the latest advancements in their fields.

This year, more than ever, our Annual Health Care Guide provides a valuable resource to help keep you and your family healthy. In your hands is one of the region’s most comprehensive guides to the top medical professionals and facilities available in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. From world-class hospitals to cutting-edge clinics and leading practitioners, this guide covers many topics that matter to you and your family.

Our profiles on area health systems explore the region’s top providers and some of their distinguishing factors. Each organization has spent the past decade expanding its facilities and services in ways that enable it to provide groundbreaking advancements, led by the latest technologies and the newest medical approaches.

Modern treatment options and accommodating, comfortable environments are just the start. As our experience with this novel coronavirus has shown us, it’s not just the places but the people behind them that matter most in your journey to better health. Industry-leading physicians, dedicated nurses and well-prepared support staff do make the difference in your care.

Standing behind our region’s health care systems, a wide-ranging selection of specialized clinics and medical service providers can help to address many specific ailments and therapies. These smaller organizations provide focused, individualized care, treatments and equipment that can help to address underlying health concerns. Their emphasis on everything from exercise and nutrition to specialized surgical operations places them in a unique setting to improve your health or the health of a loved one.

Summing up our region’s extraordinary medical talents is the Physicians Directory, which covers nearly 1,000 specialists located all across this region. Keep it handy for the next time you or a loved one needs to find a physician by name, specialty or affiliated medical center.

COVID-19 has forever changed the way we look at our health care providers and their delivery of care. As important as these individuals are to our quality of life, we bear our own responsibility in maintaining good health. Use this guide throughout the year and discover how its tools can help you and your family along your journey to wellness.

Top Health Systems
Discover some of the region’s leading health systems and what they have to offer.

Regional Specialty Clinics
Find an expert who can address those specific medical ailments through focused, individualized care, treatments and equipment.