Northwest Woman

Comfy & Cozy: Warm Winter Styles


Light-Layer Looks

Sequin cocktail dress by Apricot. Available at K Paige Shop, in Roscoe.

Silver zipper sweater by Scandal Italy, worn with frayed-hem jeans made in the USA by M.Rena. Accessorized with Saint Elmos suede booties by Naughty Monkey and a hand-knit pom beanie. Available at Lallygag Boutique, in Rockford.

Camel waffle weave sweater, worn with a white cotton stretch blouse and cropped knit pants. Available at Eurostyle+, in Rockford.

Ecru lace-back ribbed sweater, worn with knit pants. Available at Eurostyle+, in Rockford.

Long-sleeve black sweater with cream-color cord and silver bead embellishment by Molly Bracken. Available at Roxy Carmichael Boutique, in Rockford.

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