Smart Living Weekly – September 21, 2016



Ten Eyck Orchard

Right in Our Region:
The Ten Eyck family has been nurturing apple trees all year long. Now, the fruits of their labor are ready for the public to enjoy. Open your e-magazine now to learn more about Ten Eyck Orchard.

Also Inside:
Your Home: How to Choose High-Quality Furniture
Inspiration & Worship: The First Family
Your Kitchen: There’s an Apple for That!
Your Outing: World War II Days
Your Outing: Dowtown Sculpture Stroll
Your Outing: Farmers Market Roundup
Your Outing: Lorikeets at Nicholas
Your Health: You CAN Improve Your Health
Restaurant of the Week: Merrill & Houston Steak Joint
Your Fun: Best Upcoming Events

SLW Weekly Contest:
Congratulations to Greg Lee of Belvidere, this week’s Smart Living Weekly giveaway winner! Greg takes home a $25 gift card to Bravo, in South Beloit.

Next week’s giveaway is a $25 gift card to Greenfire, in Rockford. Enter now by visiting northwestquarterly.com/contest.

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