Smart Living Weekly – February 11, 2015



Valentine’s Day Romance

Right in Our Region:
Just to hear someone say “Happy Valentine’s Day” quickens the pulse, warms the heart and stirs the emotions. Love is celebrated on Feb. 14th around the world in many different ways to honor the pinnacle of happiness, when people celebrate their commitment to that someone special, with whom they trust their life and have made forever promises. Open your e-magazine now to learn more about how you could spend your Valentine’s Day.

Also Inside:
Your Home: How to Lower Energy Bills
Inspiration & Worship
Your Kitchen: Recipe: Valentine’s Day Lobster
Your Style: What to Know About Oil-Based Skin Care
Your Health: How’s Your Blood Sugar?
Your Health: Eye-Opening Eyelid Surgery
Your Fun: Best Upcoming Events
Restaurant of the Week: Ciao Bella
Your Money: Decoding Tax Law & Health Benefits
Tips & Info: Yoga’s Health Benefits

SLW Weekly Contest:
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