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MONROE, WIS. — To meet an increase in patient days, Monroe Clinic has announced they will increase their capacity from 50 to 58 private patient rooms.

“We are often seeing patient levels reach their peak each week,” said Paula Elmer, RN, MSN, Monroe Clinic’s Vice President Clinical Operations & Chief Nursing Officer. “While our hospital staff has worked to accommodate our patients and ensure they are getting the care they need, we recognize the need to add more rooms to provide efficient delivery of care.”

Since opening of the new hospital in March, Monroe Clinic has experienced an 8 percent increase in patient days.

“The fact that more patients are choosing Monroe Clinic reaffirms our commitment to building and opening a new hospital. It tells us that our communities value an environment conducive to comfort, healing and recovery,” said Elmer.

The cost to construct and equip the new rooms is approximately $1 million, which is supported through funds remaining in the hospital construction budget and the routine capital budget. Previous partners, Kahler Slater and C.G. Schmidt, will also oversee the inpatient expansion project.

Prepared for future growth
Thinking ahead, Monroe Clinic planned for future growth by including 19,000 feet of “shelled space” in the hospital’s design. Approximately 2,000 of those square feet were slated for potential growth on the inpatient unit. This space will become eight additional rooms.

“The location of these rooms is such that they will fit seamlessly into the inpatient floor, which was a consideration from day one,” said Steve Borowski, Monroe Clinic’s Director of Facility Services. “We will use the same design as the existing rooms. They will be identical, with views of nature, same-handed layout and other environmentally friendly, patient-safety features.”
Borowski emphasized the construction should have very little or no impact on the current patient experience. A temporary wall will separate the project from current patient care space. The HVAC and electrical work is already in place, so much of the work will result in minimal disruption to ongoing patient care.

Taking Immediate Action
While the demand for these rooms comes soon on the heels of the hospital’s opening, Monroe Clinic is ready to move swiftly to answer the need. While the decision was just recently made to add the rooms, plans are well underway, with the actual construction slated to run from December to February.

While the inpatient expansion project is in its beginning stages, Elmer said Monroe Clinic is already actively recruiting and scheduling staff to meet current inpatient levels.

“The recruitment and retention of providers, nurses and support staff is something we are always monitoring,” said Elmer. “As beautiful as this facility is, we understand that it’s the patient-caregiver connection that breathes life into these walls.”

Other Updates From Monroe Clinic:

On September 27th, Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation presented the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y.) Program to 11 different high schools in the area. The 60-minute presentation at the Monroe High School Performing Arts Center (PAC) featured a dramatization depicting the tragic results that can occur from drinking and driving.

This year, more than 700 students from Albany, Argyle, Belleville, Blackhawk, Darlington, Juda Lena-Winslow, Monroe, Monticello, New Glarus and Pecatonica High school were in attendance.

Many people contributed to the success of this program and I would like to offer our sincere gratitude for their time and commitment to the youth of these communities. Our “actors” included representatives from Green County EMS, firefighters from Monroe and Monticello, the Monroe police department, the Green County Sheriff and Coroner and physicians, nurses, and staff from Monroe Clinic. These real-life heroes brought their role in protecting our communities to life on the stage.

Special thanks as well goes to guest speakers Dave Mcguire, Cara Erickson, Tom Vale, Lori Zander, Becky Good, and Kris Hasse for their perspective, Monroe High School for their gifted student actors, stage crew and use of the PAC and the generous donors to Monroe Clinic and Hospital Foundation for their continued commitment to this program.

Together these individuals and groups challenged area students to make better choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol, vehicle use and behaviors that cause inattentive driving. Our communities are fortunate to have such caring adults in the lives of its students and without their commitment, this effort would not have been possible.

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