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Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, Dentist


Dr. Duane Hansen

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Meet Dr. Duane Hansen, a dentist serving two locations in Rockford, Ill.: Dental Designers, LLC, 7474 E. State St.; and RockRiver Dental, LLC, 318 College Ave.

Dr. Hansen has been practicing dentistry for more than 25 years. Helping his patients to maintain their dental care and achieve brighter, whiter smiles is something he not only loves to do, but also is something he’s passionate about.

Dr. Hansen wants the best for his patients, and he’s always learning about and sharing new breakthroughs and technologies that make dentistry faster, easier and more fun. He offers his patients the latest in early tooth decay detection; dentures; cosmetic dentistry; tooth whitening; jaw pain therapy; safe sedation operations; root canal therapy; and much more.

Thanks to these advancements in dentistry, Dr. Hansen can make someone’s visit as quick and pain-free as possible. He prides himself on getting to know each and every one of his patients on a personal level, which helps to ease the patient’s stress. Dr. Hansen takes the time to care about his patients and ease whatever concerns they may have about a procedure. After meeting with him, patients can rest easy, knowing they will receive the best care.

Not everyone feels comfortable at a dental office, so Dr. Hansen has made his offices into a calming, spa-like atmosphere, with stone water features and a comfortable waiting room. He says the greatest part of dentistry is giving patients a confident smile – the one that they used to have, or the one they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Hansen also loves working with children, and spends a lot of time helping his youngest patients to learn the good habits that give them a lifetime of healthy smiles. Some can be frightened at a dentist’s office, but Dr. Hansen helps them to have a good experience and prevent future tooth decay. He also enjoys giving back to his community, and accepts KidCare for his low-income patients.

Dr. Hansen is available at Dental Designers and RockRiver Dental Monday through Saturday. Call (815) 398-3800 to schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Duane Hansen
Dental Designers
7474 E. State St., Rockford, Ill.
(815) 398-3800

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