5 Fall Road Trips

Before the holiday season, why not sneak in a relaxing, late-fall getaway through the countryside? We’ve called ahead to find out what’s going on in five of our favorite day-tripping destinations.

A smiling Fred Ohr, at home in his Rockford apartment, reflects on his days as an ace fighter pilot during Word War II.
Remembering All Who Served on Veterans Day

All soldiers have endured hardship, but some have faced an additional burden. Such was the case for Fred Ohr, a son of Korean immigrants, wwho not only became an ace Army Air Corps pilot, but a squadron Commander.

Huskie Pride for NIU Football Fans

They’ve defeated high-ranked teams and competed in multiple bowl championships. Paul Anthony Arco explains how the Huskies’ on-field success has inspired the school and area fans.

Pat of the Moonlight Jazz Orchestra lineup.
Moonlight Jazz Orchestra: Having Fun at 40

“Outrageous” is one way to describe this lively group of musicians, who’ve been sharing a unique jazz sound for 40 years. See how the group grew from a high school class into a professional gig.

Learn and visit our region's vineyards and wineries.
Exploring Our Region’s Vineyards & Wineries

Illinois is experiencing a new renaissance in cold-weather winemaking, and our region stands at the center of this activity. Discover a few prime vineyards right in your own backyard.

Think your kitchen’s a lost cause? Not with the help of an experienced professional.
Kitchen Makeovers: Four Designers Meet the Challenge

Kitchen remodels aren’t impossible, especially when a designer is on hand. But what happens when the designer faces an improbable challenge? See how these four designers stepped up.

Birth: The Enduring Miracle of Life

Successfully delivering a newborn takes a lot of patience and care. Meet some of the passionate health professionals who share the excitement of birth with new mothers and fathers.

Frame Your Eyes
Makeup Tips: How to Frame Your Eyes

Ever wonder how to get your eye makeup looking just right? The gals at Arch Apothecary, in Rockford, offer some simple tips for framing your eyes just right.

George Hofstetter turned his life around and is now executive director of Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry.
Helping People to Achieve a Crime-Free Life

For nearly 40 years, Rockford Reachout Jail Ministry has provided hope and help to prison inmates and ex-offenders. It’s a personal mission to some leaders of this Rockford group.

The small towns of East Davenport and LeClaire, both in Iowa, are filled with quaint shops and unique restaurants.
NWQ Getaway Guide, Fall Edition

A great weekend’s journey is right inside our region. Here are some of our area’s excellent places to play.

Consider This Before Buying Home Insurance

Owning a home is a big step, but protecting that home against calamity is even more important. Insurance agent Tom Graceffa, of COUNTRY Financial, explains a few questions to ask before insuring your home.

Justin Chamberlain, whose father David is part-owner of Beloit Box Board, transfers a pallet of paperboard from the cutter machine. Justin is the sixth generation of his family to be involved in the company. (Chris Linden photo)
Beloit Box Board: Adding Value to Your Wastepaper

Believe it or not, concepts of recycling and sustainability aren’t all that new to some manufacturers. Step inside a Beloit-area paperboard maker whose process is much the same as it was a century ago.